West Dorset Internet Ltd

All Internet access and radio coverage activities have been transferred to South West Internet Ltd. Abbotsbury Software Ltd. continues to supply Domain name and Domain management services for customers.

Any and all questions regarding access and radio coverage should be referred to SWI.


Abbotsbury Software Ltd and Domain Names

Abbotsbury Software Ltd. will continue to manage domain names and provide technical consultancy on Internet technologies.

Anyone seeking details on compliance information or concerning any problems they may be experiencing should contact Abbotsbury Software Ltd. directly using the contact details on the home page for this website.
For urgent queries send a text to the mobile number listed, or contact me direct on my personal email address tim.snape@mac.com

Abbotsbury Software Ltd. is a member of Nominet Ltd. and supplies .uk domain registration services using Nominet Ltd as the Registrar. For non .uk names Abbotsbury Software uses Directnic in the USA. Terms and conditions for these registration suppliers can be found by following the links : Nominet Ltd and DirectNic

All questions regarding domain names managed by Abbotsbury Software Ltd. should be referred directly to Abbotsbury Software Ltd, using the contact details on the Abbotsbury Software Ltd. home page.

It is a policy requirement and industry requirement for all domain queries to be responded to within 5 working days. We will endeavour to respond faster than 5 days for all queries, so if you experience any difficulties contacting us, please call Tim directly on his mobile phone or send a text to the following number 07976 259325.

If you feel the service is unsatisfactory, for .uk domain enquiries please contact the UK domain registrar Nominet Ltd and they have a team of advisers who will be able to help you.