Company Background

Abbotsbury Software Ltd is a small high-tech software house, operating from the village of Abbotsbury on the South Coast of England. It was founded in 1980 by Tim & Sue Snape who were sole owner and shareholders of the company. The company has been trading for over 20 years, with customers from all over the world. During that time our reputation has grown to the point where our customers number many of the largest technical companies in Europe and the United States including IBM, SIEMENS, BT, POLAROID, AT&T and REUTERS

Abbotsbury Software Ltd is a solution orientated company, offering customers simple solutions to what are often very complex problems. We Specialise in all aspects of computer technology, hardware, software, communications and databases.

Abbotsbury Software Ltd is able to assist both the large multinational and the smallest micro business.

Our expertise is wide ranging but concentrates mainly on designing total solutions/products involving both hardware and software. We have worked with most types of computer ranging from Cray super computers to low cost microprocessors and have considerable experience designing low cost single chip systems(PIC, H8, 64180, 68K etc). Over the years our clients have included most of the well known computer manufacturers and software companies, who we advise on software development techniques.


Tim Snape (Managing Director)Tim Snape (Managing Director)

52 years old. BSc. Computer Science. Chartered Engineer, Member British Computer Society, Member Institute Patentees & Inventors, Council Member for Internet Service Providers Association.

Tim has been providing consultancy services to most of the major IT players for the past 30 years. This has exposed him to an enormous number of companies, products, processes and techniques. He is an expert programmer with over 25 years experience of 'C' programming targeting hundreds of different platforms.
Tim has over 20 years experience of working with Internet protocols and currently advises on the design of secure networks for a number of multinational companies.

Tim set up and ran IBM's first support site using the Web. Using this site Tim was responsible for providing support to all IBM's OEM customers in the Europe, Middle East & Africa regions.

Tim is unusual in that he knows how to work with both hardware AND software - this gives him an edge in the development of new and novel products - He has filed over 20 patents to date. He is unusual in having a very broad technical background and the flexibility and foresight to adapt to the ever changing market place. He is a highly sought after speaker and has given technical presentations all over the world. Tim specialises in Cybercrime issues within the Internet Industry and was an Industry expert at the last G8 Industry/Government conference on Trans-national and Organised crime in Tokyo.

Tim was elected to be a Council member of ISPA (Internet Service Provider Association) in 2000 and has concentrated his energies on Regulatory and Law Enforcement issues. Tim is the UK Council representative on EuroISPA Council and is particularly interested in European & Global issues affecting the Internet & citizens.

Tim won the BBC UK Inventor of the Year competition at the UK Inventors Fair 1999.